A  Few of Our Favourite Things – Inspiring Healthy Habits

FREE ONLINE PROGRAMME – Created by Mary Kerin

Staying healthy does not happen by accident! It is the result of all the choices we make every single day.  These choices and the little things we do everyday have the biggest affect on our health and wellbeing.

Whether we realise it or not we are creatures of habit – “A Few of Our Favourite Things – Inspiring Healthy Habits” aims to inspire you to choose simple healthy habits which will enrich your life and boost your health and happiness.

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Mary is joined by some fabulous individuals who each share some of their own favourite healthy habits.

  • Declan Sexton – Sales Executive, Hinchy’s Garage

  • Joan O’Reilly – Kerry School of Reflexology. Registered Reflexologist, Homoeopath & Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner & Trainer

  • Karen Ward – Nutritional Therapist

  • Lisa Horgan – Fitness Instructor, Doterra Essential Oils Advocate

  • Marc Ó Sé – Former Kerry Football Star, Teacher

  • Michael O Doherty – Well known Healthcare Practitioner & a founder of Bio-Energy Therapy in Ireland

  • Sinead Delaney – Nutritional Therapist & Motivational Coach

  • Siobhan Fleming – Special Needs Assistant & Captain of Munster Ladies Rugby Team

  • Tom Sparling – Chef Extraordinaire

  • In addition Mary & her 3 kids also share some of their favourite healthy habits.

We invite you to join Mary & Co on this programme where they hope to nudge & inspire you to create some new positive easy healthy habits.

This Programme will also inspire you to:

  • Find your “off-switch”

  • Prioritise some “me-time” everyday

  • Make self-care a part of your day & life

  • Go back to the basics! – Look at your diet, exercise, sleep & what you do for fun & balance

Our daily choices & decisions are central to making positive changes to our behaviour, our health & our life.